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TC500 controller kit for Talaria MX3 / MX4 / Sting R

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Boost the power of your Talaria  MX3 / MX4 with the TC500 controller.
The max power with the stock battery on Talaria MX4 is 11,5 kW and with MX3 is 8 kW.
Compatible with the stock Talaria and aftermarket (60 V and 72 V) batteries. Easy to install and even easier to adjust according to your preferences using the Torp App!

With Torp Controllers all stock Talaria features will be preserved (stock Talaria Display, kick-stand sensor, crash sensor, power mode button, and brake switch) except for the start button.

Important: If you plan to use the E-watt / Ebmx 72V battery on your Talaria MX3/MX4 with a Torp controller, contact Torp support for installation guidance. Do not install the controller before contacting us to prevent equipment damage!

In stock




-1x TC500 Controller
-1x wire harness
-1x plastic shield
-screws and tools needed for installation
-4x stickers
-1x pack of silicone grease
-short instructions


-Field-oriented control (FOC)
-Voltage 20-90V
-Max Power: 25kW*
-Sensored (HALL Encoder) and sensorless control
-Max Battery Current: 350 A

*In combination with the stock Talaria MX3 / MX4 e-motor and 72V aftermarket battery, the max power is 18 kW.

Important: Currently the controller CAN NOT communicate with the stock Talaria battery produced by SCUD. Please read before purchasing. Other controller functionalities are intact.

-Max phase current: 500 A
-Efficiency up to 99%
-Working temperature: from -15 to 75 C°
-Bluetooth communication
-Pre-calibrated: No additional steps required
-Overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage and overtemperature protection
-Communication with stock BMS
-Different regenerative braking and throttle modes
-Weight: 1kg
-Features: Mobile App (IOS & Android), stock Talaria display
-Protection class: IP67
-Regular firmware updates

Warranty policy

Installation instructions

Modifying a stock electric vehicle can result in the vehicle becoming non-compliant with your local road safety regulations. It’s essential to consult with experts or authorities before modifying your vehicle to ensure adherence to road legality.

Additional information

Weight 1,5 kg
Bike type

MX3, MX4