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NEW! Torp Full-Color Display

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With a dedicated Torp Display, you will be able to track all of your controller and battery data in real time. This a perfect solution for all of you who do not want to use your smartphone while riding, but still want to keep an eye on all of your stats during the ride. Now your data will be easy to read even during the ride, thanks to a larger, full-color screen.


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-Switch between modes
-Displays controller data and speed
-Displays battery data
-Use it to initiate reverse on SurRon Light Bee and Talaria MX3 / MX4
-Activate Daily mode button on SurRon Light Bee and Talaria MX3 / MX4

-Installation by connecting directly to the Torp Controller`s wiring loom
-High brightness display

Compatible with:
TC500 controller for SurRon Light Bee
TC500 controller for Talaria MX3 / MX4
TC1000 controller for Talaria MX3 / MX4
TC1000 controller for SurRon Light Bee
TC1000 controller for SurRon Ultra Bee

Dimensions: 85 x 65 x 60 mm
Viewing angle: 170°
Display type: 2 ” IPS
Data port: Bluetooth / CAN
Handlebar: Ø 22.2/25.4/31.8

Operating temperature: -20°C ~ 60°C
Waterproof certification: IP65

Included in the package:
-1x Torp Display
-1x Hex key

IMPORTANT for SurRun Light Bee and Ultra Bee users: In case you own a controller with a 3 or 4-connector wiring harness, you have to purchase a 5-connector Replacement Wiring Loom:
Wiring Loom for SurRon Light Bee
Wiring Loom SurRon Ultra Bee

This does not apply to Talaria MX3/MX4 users!

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